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How Monetized Works

Turn your content into premium content. Monetized lets you build payment-gated landing pages for your content, turning your unique URLs, file uploads, Notion posts and more into online storefronts that you control.
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Payment-gated landing pages let you sell content a la carte. Every story, article, essay, recipe — any content you create — gets its own payment-gated landing page with a customizable image, content description, call to action, post-purchase drip email, and community. Want to charge for access? Want to ask for tips or donations? Set your price and only your paying customers can access your content.

Monetized is powered by monetized links.
Once you connect your content with Monetized, we create a new, monetized link for you to share with your supporters. When you share your monetized link, users who follow the link will arrive at a payment-gated landing page for your content.
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Monetized gates each piece of your content on a unique URL.
This allows you, the content creator, to decide how much each piece of content is worth. You have the flexibility to charge a different price — from $1 to $50 — for each piece of content. Ask supporters to pay what they want from a range of prices you select. Set time restrictions on content access. Gift content to current supporters. Ticket your livestreams and paywall your videos and communities.
The payment-gated landing gives your customers everything they need to make a purchase decision. It works with all media and is platform-agnostic. Monetized is a great way to convert your non-subscribers with a la carte sales, to stand up a mini-site for a content project, and to sell all kinds of downloads.
Follow up with your customers using our built-in Community feature. Customers who accessed your content will be listed as members of the content they purchased. Use our built-in email channel to send them updates.

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Monetized tracks your sales for each piece of content. We integrate with Stripe.
To build trust with your audience, we also allow readers to request a refund within 24 hours if the purchase ended up not being right for them.
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