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Welcome to Monetized


We’re happy you’re here

Welcome to Monetized, a new site to help you earn from your existing content. You make the content, and we’ll help you earn from it by providing an easy-to-use interface to ask for payment from your community.

It’s easy to get started

Any piece of content with a dedicated URL can get its own payment page on Monetized. We’ve combined the benefits of a URL service and a paywall into one tool to help you make money from your existing content. Simply drop a URL into our Monetization box on our home page, set a price, and we’ll generate a unique link for you. Share your link with your community and start earning immediately.
“We’ve combined the benefits of a URL service and a paywall into one tool to help you make money from your existing content”

Your members support you anyway they want

Credit Cards, Pay-with-Email, Web Monetization, and NFTs are all payment methods supported by Monetized. We’ve made it as easy to pay as it is to create.

No Risk Purchases: Authorize then Charge

We believe try-before-you-buy is a good model. To make it as easy as possible for all parties, we’ve created Monetized to support no-risk purchases. This means that credit card purchases are completely refundable in the first 24 hours if your member isn’t satisfied with your content for any reason. In fact, we don’t submit authorization for their card for 24 hours to make sure that they’re completely happy with their purchase.
If this sounds familiar to you, you may have experienced a similar payment strategy the last time you checked into a hotel. We think the checkout experience at a hotel is great—give the hotel a credit card on check-in, and they’ll authorize it for a certain amount; you use the services as you see fit and simply leave when you’re done. Your credit card will be charged automatically for any services used, or “refunded” for any that weren’t.
We’ve reused this idea for digital content where we believe it’s a nice fit. Agree to pay to receive the content. If it wasn’t what you thought it would be, simply press the refund button on your receipt and you won’t be charged. (You’ll also lose access to the content at that point.)

Always looking for Feedback

Thanks for checking out Monetized. See something else you’d like to see added? Something doesn’t make sense? Get in touch, we’d love to learn more and help you out.
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