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Welcome to Monetized

We’re happy you’re here.

Monetized is a simple, lightweight tool for paywalling and selling digital content and products. There’s no platform to join, and no platform monetization rules to follow.
How does it work?
  1. Connect your content or product.
  1. Set your price.
  1. We send you a customizable payment page for your item and a monetized link to share with your supporters.
With Monetized you can start selling your content or product now. There is no platform to join, no subscriber list to build, no watch hours to accrue.
Monetized is fully customizable and works with all media:
  • Easy monetization form connects with your URLs, file downloads, video, and more.
  • Accept credit card payments and offer pay-what-you-want tipping. Secure payments with Stripe integration.
  • Sales tracked with real-time analytics. Funds transfer directly into your bank account.
  • Set customizable Calls To Action so your supporters know how their support will help you.
  • Custom subdomains let you create a collection of content and present a menu of offerings to your fans.

Ditch the platforms.

Monetized facilitates better relationships between creators and their supporters. Never again feel locked into a platform or a niche. With added features including time restriction, privacy settings, content gifting, post-purchase email campaigns and more, you can customize content and products for specific audiences. You’re in control.

Use Monetized to . . . .

Sell downloads
Launch a fundraiser
Build micro-sites for content and digital products.
Paywall screeners and livestreams.
Ticket online events
Sell a la carte to non-subscribers
Share files with payment-protection

We welcome your feedback.

Our team has decades of experience in content development, editorial strategy, and web monetization. We know the challenges facing independent content creators today. We set out to build a simple, dependable means for content creators to take control of their assets.
See something else you’d like to see added? Something doesn’t make sense? Get in touch, we’d love to learn more and help you out. Write us at