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You make the content. We’ll put it to work for you.

Welcome to Monetized, a new tool for content creators.

Monetized combines the benefits of a URL service and the security of a paywall to help you make money from and build community around your existing content. No coding required.

It’s easy to get started with payment-gated landing pages.

Any piece of content with a dedicated URL can get its own payment-gated landing page on Monetized. Simply connect your content, choose your access settings, and we’ll generate a unique monetized link for you that takes your supporters to the landing page for that content. Share your link with your community and start earning immediately.

Your members support you directly, however you choose.

Accept Credit Cards, Pay-with-Email, Web Monetization, and NFTs. All payment methods are supported by Monetized. We’ve made it as easy to pay as it is to create. Monetized provides an easy-to-use interface to ask for engagement from your community. Payment information is stored, so your customers’ future purchases are frictionless and 1-click.
Our product is built by a team with decades of experience in content development, editorial strategy, and web monetization. We know the challenges facing independent content creators today. We set out to build a simple, dependable means for content creators to take control of their assets.
How are we doing? What did we get right? What can we do better? We welcome your feedback. Find us on Twitter at