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Capitalize on your web presence.

You have the content. We put it to work for you.

Turn your followers into customers.

Sell links to your blog posts, Zoom calls, and articles. Deliver ebooks and audio files to your fans. Reward your NFT community with utility. Fundraise on the fly.

Try It For Free

Load Your Content

Connect us with your link, post, or file upload. Describe your offering so your audience sees what they'll be enjoying.


Set Your Price

Choose a payment method and set your price from $0.99 to $50.00. We generate a custom share image and your unique link that requires payment to access your content.


Share Your Link

Share your new link by email and on social media networks. The link directs customers to a payment-gated landing page where they can purchase your content.


Get Paid

We track your sales and transfers funds directly into your bank account. We only get paid when you do. You own your content and can change or unpublish it at any time.

Monetized works for you.

We turn your work, one piece at a time, into online storefronts that you control. Apply your branding with customizable content description, image, and call to action.

Creator economy

Convert content into revenue.

Use payment-gated landing pages to sell content without a website. Track sales. Gather social feedback and generate buzz.

Create your first page.

Community building

Deliver utility to your fans.

Build fan lists and membership around content and QR codes. Token-gate content, onboard Web3 users, and direct customers to your NFT project.

Connect your project.

Hosted events

Gate your online appearances.

Sell links to your video-calls. Set time limits on content availability. Follow up with downloadable content.

Start today.

No Coding, No Commitments.

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    Customized content delivery

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    Daily sales reports

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    Automatic QR code generation

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    In-depth analytics

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    Built-in CMS

Learn More

You decide.


Sell blog posts, Zoom calls, downloadable files, audio and video.


Set from $0.99 to $50 or choose pay-with-email.


Accept credit cards. Web Monetization. Token-gate. Apply Unlock Protocol.


Follow up with customers via email or other membership services.

Capitalize on your web presence.

You have the content. We put it to work for you.

Thinking about going Pro?

We built Monetized for creators. Want to talk about your specific use case? Please contact us.


$0 /month
Pay as you go

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    Unlimited Monetized Links

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    Customize your preview page

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    Low platform fee of 20% of sales

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    Credit Card fees 29¢ + 2.9%

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    Cancel anytime

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    Daily payouts with Stripe Connect

My Plan


$5 /month
Pay as you go

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    All Free Features

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    Lower platform fee of 15% of sales

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    Real-time Analytics



$20 /month
Pay as you go

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    All Pro Features

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    No platform fee on sales

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    Priority Support


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