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We Do More Than Monetize

What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.” - William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet
Monetized does more than, well, monetization. We're your complete entitlements solution. Entitling users means allowing them access to your work, be it a document, download, or web page. With Monetized, you can set access settings that include credit card payments, tokens, and email addresses. Because sometimes it's not about getting paid.
Whatever you want to do, it’s easy to get started. We’ve built the onboarding flow around use cases, or goals. What is it you’re trying to do?
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Create Buzz and Pre-sell
Offer content in exchange for emails. Get started with Grow Your Email List.
Monetize Your Non-Subscribers
Offer your content greatest hits a la carte to your fans who don’t subscribe to your newsletter, blog, or channel. Select Sell Digital Products a La Carte.
Ticket Online Events
Create a Monetized link for your Zoom call or livestream. Use Paywall Your Link.
Set Up Micro-Sites for Content Projects
Stand up a transaction page for your project and, if you want, set time restrictions for access. You can send and charge for screeners with our premium video pages. Use Build Custom Page or Monetize a Video.
Launch a Fundraiser
Reward your supporters with premium content in exchange for a donation. Customize the Call To Action so your supporters know exactly why you’re raising funds. Use the QR code to drive traffic to your page IRL. Select Sell Downloads, Paywall Your Link, Monetize a Video, or Build Custom Page.
Share Premium Content with your Token Holders
NFT token creators can gate content and products so only your NFT holders can have access. Many of our tokengate users are gating Notion pages. Use Create a Tokengate or Paywall Content within a Notion Page.
Send Files with Payment Protection.
Upload your file and set your price. Share the link to your new Monetized page for your file. Only recipients who pay you can download and access your work. Use Sell Downloads.
Gate Your Community
Create a private link to your community login page. Or tokengate the community and offer NFT as login. Select Paywall Your Link or Create a Tokengate.
Questions about any of this? Write us at Have another idea for a use case? Nominate it here.