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How To Offer Content and Products Exclusively to Your NFT Token Holders

Here at Monetized we offer a variety of tools for making your content and digital products available to members who purchase access. With Monetized you can grant access to members who purchase with credit cards, give their email, or who own a token.
What is Token Gating?
Token gating is a type of paywall that allows access based on the ownership of NFTs. Token gating with Monetized is similar to other gating methods within Monetized, with the difference of requiring that your users own a particular NFT.
At Monetized, you can offer token gating as a payment option alongside more traditional payment methods, like credit cards. Using token gating on Monetized is as simple as adding the address of your NFT and optionally including a URL where your users can purchase or mint an NFT for access.
For example, many of our NFT customers are using Monetized to allow their token holders to access databases.
Connect your content to Monetized, customize the landing page for your offering, and share your new monetized link.
Here’s How to Get Started:
  1. Choose how you want to deliver content to your audience. Monetized allows for link redirects, file downloads, paywalling within Notion, and custom posts built within our CMS.
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Let’s say you’re gating a file download. Click ‘Monetize a file.’ You will be taken to the page editor for a new, monetized file page.
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This is the page editor. All content and products get a monetized link that leads visitors to a payment gated landing page. This page is what you are editing.
  1. Add your file, content description, screenshot image, and title on the left side of the page editor. Once you’ve added your content . . . .
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  1. Select your gating method. The default gating method at Monetized is pay-with-email. If you want to try token gating, open the Advanced setting on the page editor.
Select token gate and unselect Pay-With-Email. Click ‘Configure’ on the line with Token Gating. This opens up a panel where you add your Token or NFT address. Also add the token purchase URL, so your customers can find where to buy your NFTs. Additionally, you can customize your network chain ID.
This requires connecting your digital wallet.
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On the page editor you can also adjust your page title, add a custom screenshot, write a Call To Action, set time restrictions on your content, and your privacy settings.
  1. Once you’ve made your customizations, press Publish on the top right corner. You can now share your new, monetized link. Anyone who clicks on the ink will be taken to the payment gated landing page where they can access your content if they have the right NFT. They will also find a link to purchase your NFT.
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Keep in mind: You can allow multiple payment methods at the same time. To add credit card support, you will need to link your Stripe account.
NFT token gating is a premium feature. However, all new Monetized members receive one month of Premium subscription for free.
Questions? We’re here to help. Write us at