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TubePayz || LIVE

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What you get

Start Your Very Own “YOUTUBE” Like Video Sharing Service

3 Easy click launches your very own youtube-like website

Start your own youtube immediately in 250+ different niches

Live stream with your subscribers.

Profit from this  $160 billion market.

Instantly Load the website with 3.9 million YT shorts & videos

No audience required (Tap into our 543 million viewers)

More than 1200+ Youtube-like websites/channels has been created

In total, 54 Beta testers have generated a profit of $206,453.56

100% Fast & Reliable Web Hosting For Your Website

Grow Your Audience & Charge Them On Monthly or Yearly Basis..

Newbie Friendly- No technical skill or knowledge required.

No hidden Fee or any extra expenses

Iron-clad 365-day money-back guarantee

In addition, I will pay you $100 if you do not generate any traffic or sales

NO Audience Required, NO Domain & Hosting Needed, NO Tech Skills Needed, NO B.S