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Created by Zephyr Bartholomew
Last Updated: 5-16-23
The Rules
"The essence of Bushidō is: do not lie, do not be insincere, do not be obsequious, do not be superficial, do not be greedy, do not be rude, do not be boastful, do not be arrogant, do not slander, do not be unfaithful, be on good terms with comrades, do not be overly concerned with events, show concern for one another, be compassionate, with a strong sense of duty. Being a good samurai takes more than merely a willingness to lay down one's life."
— 5th scroll of the Kashoki by Saitō Chikamori (1642)

2023 Goals and Tools

Create a bullet journal in Notion
Clearing the path
Clearing the path
“If you have a comprehensive explanation for everything then it decreases uncertainty and anxiety and reduces your cognitive load. And if you can use that simplifying algorithm to put yourself on the side of moral virtue then you’re constantly a good person with a minimum of effort.” -Jordan B. Peterson
Karma and Emptiness- First Premises - It’s like this now.
The Vows of a Warrior Bodhisattva
Ken Zazen/Mushin Meditate 5m 5x a week
Get to the Dojo 4x a week
Write every day for 30 days straight
Get a promotion at work