Burnt Orange and Coriander Roast Pork Recipe

What you get

Loosely based on the many rich, brick-red pork stews of Mexico, this slow-roasted pork cooks all day in the oven after an overnight marinade. Roasted low and slow with blistered orange halves, toasted coriander, garlic, and chiles, it emerges bronzed and tender, collapsing into thick shreds under the weight of a fork. Repurpose leftovers all week into sandwiches (in a baguette with broiled broccoli rabe and melted cheese); stir-fries (onions, peppers, a splash of sherry, and some doubanjiang); tacos (with guacamole, pickled onions, and jalapeños); fried rice (add chopped kimchi and a couple of eggs); or a diner-style breakfast hash.